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Angry Poems

Pay Backs a Bitch
By: Sara and Kt , CT Email Me

I hope you fucken burn in hell
you put mt threw so much shit
why are you such and evil bitch?

i wouldnt give a shit if you died
you told me so many stupid lies

you‘ll never hear a sorry come out of my mouth
and that is the god honest truth

you better get over this
and fucking quick
you make me so god damn sick

youre life is gonna be hell for you now
yes revenge is a bitch

*also dedicated to those bitches kelsey chelsea and katee

Submitted On: 04/18/05
Go Away!
By: Morgan , CT Email Me

Back Off, Step out
What the hell is this about?
Now you want drugs too?
Everything I have stops now
Starts up again
Get away, Stop this fuss
Everything she‘s touched
Has turned to dust

Submitted On: 04/18/05
By: heather , NC Email Me

this is it
this is all
im done
im through
im over you
your gone
ive moved on
hows it feel
big man

Submitted On: 04/18/05
You Never Did
By: andrea williams , MN Email Me

You never listen, you never care
i hate the way you treat me it‘s just not fair
YOu always ignore me when i try to talk
You never stand near me you always walk
I don‘t think we‘re friends anymore
We‘ve already shut that door
So why do we pretend we are?
Why did things go so far?
YOu hate me, but i Hate you more
I hate you like a disese or maybe a big sore
So quit telling me we‘re friends and that you‘ll call back
YOu‘re just another person who gave up, another person i‘ll lack
Don‘t say good bye, don‘t say a single word.
But you probably will you‘ll pretend you haven‘t heard
So goodbye , I‘ll hate you forever and always
One last goodbye as we go our seperate ways.

Submitted On: 04/17/05
Go Down Fighting
By: andrea williams , MN Email Me

YOu push hard and push rough
YOu think ur bigger and more tough
But i‘ll go down fighting soon you‘ll see
Soon you‘ll regret this there is a heafty fee
I‘ll go down fighting this isn‘t the end,
One last question, I thought you were my friend?

Submitted On: 04/17/05
By: Morgan , CT Email Me

You started out my friend
But it doesn‘t seem so in the end
You totally changed
What happened?

I hate you now!
Backstabber, User
Friendship abuser

You blame your problems on others
You really need some help
So, take the drugs with you
And get the hell out!

Submitted On: 04/17/05
You Lied!
By: Iris , CA

You said u loved me
But u lied!
You said i could trust u
But u lied!
You said there was no one else
But u lied!
You said all the others were just liars
You said they were all jelous
But they weren‘t
You were the one lying
You were the one that broke my heart.
You were the one that broke me apart.
You are the one that did this to me.
You were the onethat made me believe
That i could no longer be loved.
For me love is no longer a must.
I hate you!
I hate you for wat u did!
I wish u would die
And no longer live.
But that will never happen
It wil never come true.
For I am the one dead.
Because of YOU!!

Submitted On: 04/14/05
True Love
By: Amber , CA Email Me

He gave me everything
He gave me the world
He said that he loved me
and that I was his girl
He treated me like a princess
but I treated him like shit
but he loved me anyway
thats the part that I dont get

I told him that I loved him
but I never let it show
i guess he just got tired
so he had to let me go

he moved on to another girl
she was his new fling
she was his heart
and he was her everything
slowly they grew apart
and eventually they were through
so I sadi," Now‘s my chance!"
but I didn‘t know what to do
I was to afraid to go up to him
so I would casually pass by
I thought that he would notice me
but he didnt even say hi.

So I moved on to another guy
I thought that would help
but then I realized that I wasne‘t over my ex
I‘d always love my first love
there was nothing I could do
so I told my new guy, "Im sorry, we‘re over, its through"

This love drove me crazy
it drove me insane
I couldnt take the heartache
I couldnt take the pain
I should have shown my love to him
then maybe we‘d still be together
but theres no hope now
we‘re done, we‘re through forever

So cherish you love
and have your little fun
because before you know it
your true love could be gone

Submitted On: 04/13/05
You told me you luved me
By: Michelle , FL

You told me you loved me so many times
I said it back with out thinkin twice
You made me believe you by usin fake lil rhymes
Guess what hunny i found you out and i aint gunna be nice
You made me cry, i just wanted to die, your "luv" was not tru
and im gunna make you suffer
Life as you know it will no longer be
you will deffinalty be livin with out me
I gave what all i had and believe me it wasnt nuthin
You said you loved me for a short time i believed you but i found out who you were and

Submitted On: 04/12/05
GO to Hell Bitch
By: Jessica , LA

I thought you loved me but it wasn’t true
I thought you were the one for me but i was wrong
I loved you more than anything but you have no clue
I loved you so much and for so long
But now i relize its time to let you go
I know that you are nothing but games
When you ask me to do that with you i should have said no
but you know what anyone could put you in shame
You knew i was under age which yeah age dont matter
But it did matter with you
Because my heart you shattred
you fuck and leave thats what you do
I hate you i hate you i hate you more and more every day
You a fucking fag
you just wait one day you will pay
Now what are you going to go fuck a old hag
Knowing you you will
so dont even try to talk to me
You i just want to fucking kill
Now i feel free
When i was with you i just wanted to die
You tryed to run my life im done with it
Your love was a fucking lie
So go die and eat shit
I found some one who loves me for me not just to fuck
So i hope you feel better
I say ur nick name is asswhole but every 1 else calls you duck
So stop writting me fucking letters
Remember i have some one new
And awww it not you poor fuck head
And my new man is 10 times better than you
Go else where get another under age girl in bed
I hate you you fucking bitch
When i think of you i just want to yell
And u said i was a witch
SO all that is left to say is i hate you go to hell

This was about this dude steven D. All he wanted is to get me in bed with him So any girls from La If he wants you just read my poem he is a ass whole!!! I wish i never had to see him again!!!!!!!

Submitted On: 04/08/05
Selfless Ejaculation
By: screamingsara , MN

So you thought it would be good to shame me you ape, wait
till your asleep, gonna piss in your face for the rape –
there have your selfless ejaclulation back

Submitted On: 03/31/05
Lick me or your wounds
By: screamingsara , MI

You bitch you bitch you bitch – gonna shake you like a whitch!
Stab your sorry soul, yes i am right its made of coal

You bitch you bitch you bitch – ill wake you in the night,
your on a hacking site, your passport – ill burn tonight

My friends are not sisters of shame, your the one to blame
your type stands in the rain and you offer only pain

We bitch we byte we pull your hair – so now we dont even care
your words are lost into thin air and your life is stripped and bare

We hate men and scream about them, we hate the mothers who bore
them – yet some of you adore them and eat your words before them

You bitch you slut I am, i’ll cut i’ll snarl i’ll wound – and if
you dare to cross us you’d wish you had not eascaped the womb
– So go on lick your wounds

Submitted On: 03/31/05
Wat is this pain
By: michee , UK

god wat is this pain
i realy dnt no
plz help me understand
y wont it just go

it hurts in my tummy
it wontgo away
i get it all the time
i think its here to stay

i dnt no wat it is
i wish i cud tel
but theres nofin i can do
livin in this hell

will it last long
its tearin me apart
i dnt think i can cope that long
its eatin at my heart

im screamin out fot help
no1 can hear me
its like im on mute
is this how its gona be?

i wana end it now
maby with a knife
or takin some pills
in my worthless life

i dnt see the point
in bein here no more
not that any1 cares
no1 sees im sore

i neva fort i wud h8 life
but all this cum to a end
they will soon 4get bout me
i just cant seem to mend

they will move on
im sure it wont take long
il leave everyone a note
or rite it in a song

i tryed2 tell u how i felt
and tryed to make u see
but it didnt seem to work
so now u wont have 2 worry about me

il say im sorry now
4everything iv done wrong
hope u find it in ur heart2 4give me
this wont last 2long

now this is the end
i will say goodbye
i wont be in pain no more
il be in the sky

i wish u would treat me how u used to! uno who u are! just no that i love u and always will xxx

Submitted On: 03/30/05
i saved myself
By: cait

Originaly Authored by: cait

You told me you liked me,
But it was hard to believe.
I knew who you were,
You liltle sleeze.
You asked for my heart,
But is not there for you to take.
You had your chance before, and mistakes you always make.
So I am going to save myself from the tears,hurt, and sorrow, because my love is not a toy you can just borrow.

If you think a guy is trying to use you for sex, dump him m bc its not worth it.

Submitted On: 03/29/05
Watz Wrong?
By: Michelle Aka Chelly , CT

Watz Wrong?

I dont know wat going on
So please tell me "Watz wrong"
People be telling me
u is playing me
I dont believe it
I think is juss pure shyt

You called me and you said it was true
I was suck on the fone juss like glue
I told you I loved you
And you said it too
but I guess dats not enough
Now you ganna act tough
Cuz you played a girl
wit another girl dat didnt make you swirl
but I guess a 4 year relationship
Doesnt mean shyt

I thought u was the one
but I guess I was wrong
Go ahead play ur games
cuz they are all lame
Juss remember all the thing that we made
And the spot that you layed
And the times I made u horny
You DIDN’T think it was corny
Cuz u wanted more
U dirty ass whore
U ran out the block
I calmed you down by suckin you cock
Now I know "Watz wrong"

Dont get mad if I flirt
And boys look up my skirt
I know youll want me back
I dont care go head and pack
Juss remember NO MORE SEX
NO MORE hickies on ur neck
Man U is stupid and u ganna regret it
And you have to admit
And I was an Excellent sucker
But if i cry
then u is a fucked up guy
Even if i dont cry
Im so mad I hope u die
Im srry i found u out
Now Wats Wrong? Wat now!! FUCK YOU GIO

Submitted On: 03/29/05
Stupid ass
By: Rebecca , Canada Email Me

You told me I was the one,but then we were done.
You played me but I didn’t play you so all I gotta say is screw you.You used me for my best friend,tellin me lies,makin me cry.
I learned your a stupid playa who was only liked by me.I hope you get hit by thunder so right now you can read my fuckin mind.How does it feel to be hurt like me!Ah Cody?Well I don’t care I had my fun I thought you were the one but whatever.I HOPE YOU DIE.

Submitted On: 03/29/05
Why Did You Do this to me?
By: sarah

I fucking Hate you sal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you say you do nothing wrong
when really everything you do is wrong
you lied to me
and i tried to see
i forgave
and you hurt me again
my heart is week
im only 14
and i want to die
all i did was gave you a chance
now its your turn to hurt
i kicking you to the curb!

Submitted On: 03/27/05
Dont need your shit
By: katie , KY Email Me

I don’t need your shit today
So fucking go away
I thought you were my friend.
But it turns out in the end
I was wrong.
I thought hard bout this
and thought I would tell you
Kiss this white ass.You fucking
dirty piece of trash.
You fucking lied to me So now im
going to grab u upBeat the fuck out of you.
And if your lucky I’ll set u free So maybe
You’ll learn, never fucking lie to me
You talked alot of shit. But now
That u got your brains beat out of you

Submitted On: 03/27/05
By: Natasha , UK Email Me

You make me SICK
You make me ILL
You make me wanna take this white pill!

You take her hand
And leave me where I stand.
I hate you so much that words can’t touch all the anger inside.
Oh God why can’t I let this slide.

She was meant to be my friend.
But you did it round the bend.

I will hate you forever.
And in a way it makes me feel better.

And I KNOW you’ll die ALONE.
Mr your heart’s made of fucking STONE!

So no more crimson drops will fall for you.

I’m over you.
You see you no longer mean anything to me.
And neither does she..the one who remains nameless
And facless.

The backstabbing bitch I hope she dies in a ditch!

I’ll make her life a living hell
Which I can do quite well!!
I’ll make her face swell and push her down a well!!

You both deserve eachother.
Both use people.
And play games.
Both back stab.
And cause pain.

In fact I hope you two die together..

Submitted On: 03/27/05
ur unfair!!
By: sabrina , Email Me

Originaly Authored by: me

your so unfair, you don’t understand
your such an asshole
everything i do is to bad
it’s not my fault
that you don’t care about me
you alway’s make me cry
why do i wanna try
if u think i can’t make it
well you guessed wrong
i’m a different person
you should of new that all along
ohhh what the fuck do you know
fuck look at all the shit you done in the past
you were a fucken hoe
your such a prick
why the fuck don’t you care
everytime you were up set
who was the one there
how could you say those thing’s
like if you wanted them to hurt
i wish i could fly away but i don’t have wing’s
what eva you say goe’s threw one ear
guess what asshole

Submitted On: 03/24/05

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