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Moving On Poems

meaning = nothing
By: karmen

you say all of these things that in the end
mean nothing

you say that you want me
but you leave me countless times

you say that you love me
yet you continue to hurt me

you say that you need me
but when i try to help, you just get angry

you say that you miss me
yet you continue to push me away

you say that you‘re sorry
but you do everything all over again

you say all of these things that in the end
mean nothing

[i‘ll always still want, love, need and miss you
in the back of my mind
but i‘m sorry
because you and me are at the end]

Submitted On: 06/30/07
By: karmen

life is hard
especially when people try to make it even harded
but don‘t let it get to you
don‘ tlet it get you down
and don‘t lt it make you feel like your alone

let it make you stronger

Submitted On: 06/30/07
life is hard
By: karmen

life‘s hard
so be harder

Submitted On: 06/30/07
u tryd to play me
By: suck my balls , NE

i cared about u, u told me u loved me but u lied to me what the fuck type of shit, y would u do sum shit like that y did u fuck that ugly black ass bitch? i guess u want to have ugly kids is that it? cause i think so you just dont give a fuck thanks for lettin me know! well u can have her i just had 2 say that cause ur maken me look bad so its time for me to go

Submitted On: 06/19/07
fuck the bitch
By: sweetzz , CA Email Me

When you have that special someone
that makes ur heart skip a beat
ur so crazy in love ur telling
everybody that hes ur life ur heart
ur soul ur babyboy but u just dont
know wat hes doin to u in this world
so im saying fuck that bitch i dont
need this shit im gonna live
life to da fullest and i have no
regrets so fuck that bitch i dont
need this shit im gonna smoke weed
feel high i wonna get jiggly
fuck that bitch i dont
need this shit im gonna live
life to da fullest and i have no
regrets so fuck that bitch i dont
need this shit im gonna smoke weed
feel high i wonna get jiggly
and down the road of ur relationship
u realize that everything he said to
was just his lies and now u live heartbroken
and things seem so strange
cuz u cant believe that the guy of
ur dream was playing his stupid
games fuck that bitch i dont
need this shit im gonna live
life to da fullest and i have no
regrets so fuck that bitch i dont
need this shit im gonna smoke weed
feel high i wonna get jiggly
fuck that bitch i dont
need this shit im gonna live
life to da fullest and i have no
regrets so fuck that bitch i dont
need this shit im gonna smoke weed
feel high i wonna get jiggly

Submitted On: 06/14/07
I Just Wated To Say
By: Jenna , CA Email Me

I just wanted to say...
I could never trust people...
I could never love people...
I could never understand people...

Then I met you...
I felt normal...
I knew I wasn‘t a mistake...

I‘ve never said this before...
To you or to anyone...
But thank you...
And I love you...
And without you, I‘m lost...
I never took time for myself, until I met you...
I never held anyone so close, until I met you...
I know what love means now...
I know what hates means now...

I could never hate you ...
And I know I love you...
That‘s why I‘m telling you now instead of later,
I love you.
And I just wanted to say...
Thank you.

Submitted On: 05/30/07
good bye for good
By: Althea , RI Email Me

what happened to BFF?
what happened to us?
what happend to staying by each others side through the hard times?
i was there for you but you werent there for me.
you left me when i needed you most.
i was alone with no one to bring me through this tough time.
i wished you knew this but i didnt exist to you anymore.
what happend to BFF?
what happened to US?
your to late now.
im moving on.
i dont need you anymore, i am fine on my own.
you forgot about me,i will forget abut you.
good bye for good.

Submitted On: 05/26/07
Getting over it!
By: Brian Quinn , UK

Originaly Authored by: Abigail Sarah Green

Just written a poem one of my best by a mile

Written in a very angry style!

Who or what it is about guess

But I promised I would give that subject a rest

Shame got lyrics in like she stole my bucks

Well I have got pictures of her that literally sucks!

You know "top shelf mags"

Appearing with the rest of the slags!

Give myself enough rope I will hang

And if I published it here within a week the police would have rang

So regrettably dear diary I have ditched the publish and be dammed!

Going to concentrate on getting more tanned

Beside it only gives away the whole "surprise" I have planned

So it is saved and marked NFB

Not For Blog, only for me!

Promised would not mention her name anymore so I wont

To write another poem about her well that I don't

You never know she still might inspire a few

Especially when it comes to a few pictures blue!

As my friend the other night said

It is over get her out of your head

She did what she did and that was that

Even though it was a bit naughty to take your deposit for the flat!

That was it no long good byes

And your poems some of them are good tries!

But she wanted to go home to her mum and dad

And don't forget she was not all bad

She need not have told that lie about you,

But with that I bet her parents had something to do!

She could have handled that better

And she could and should have sent your money back with a letter

But try and see it from her point of view

It was over she was finished with you!

She has got nothing to say sorry for

With that I fucking swore!

It is her way of dealing, that why you she now just ignores

And you told me Brian once about the opening and closing of doors!

Your lushy poems she is just laughing at you mate

And your angrier ones you are winding her right up and getting her in a state

Some of them are written extremely well

But your story now, to much of it you have had to tell

Frank has spilt up with Mandy, now listen to me

Never mind mate, plenty more fish in the sea

This is me giving advice, that to myself I won't take

Makes me feel all rather fake!

Ok as he puts it, he did not get hit with the *** stick

But it was over just as quick

Time it just goes tick tick tick

But over my wounds I have had enough time to lick

Got told today that I have lost a lot of weight

You know thanks mate

So instead of "cyber stalking"

That makes me more throw my effort into my walking

That is the only thing keeping me going

One day I am still knowing!

That my reward the fitter I am, the prettier girl I will get!

On that my heart is still firmly set!

Submitted On: 05/02/07
By: magen , AR Email Me

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I gave up my virginity
Just not to you.

You weren‘t ready
And neither was I
So we went steady
And now you ask why?

I met someone worth it
Plus he was ready
He told me I was perfect
So we went past steady.

So go tell your friends
That I am a bitch
And I‘ll tell mine
You have no dick!

Submitted On: 04/28/07
I can hear can you
By: Nikki Stevens , PA

I can hear the world go round and round,
I can hear the footsteps on the ground,

The wind in the trees,
And the buzzing of the bees,

I can hear the water sway,
And the children playing in the hay,

I can hear the birds in the park,
And the dog‘s bark,

Ican hear the world spining,
And the baseballs second ining,


Submitted On: 04/27/07
I use to...
By: Sarah.Miller , PA

I use to i love you..
You made the smile on my face come to life

I use to lay in your arms at night...
Just to hear ur heart beat next to mine!

I use to say we were ment to be..
Like god him self helped me to find you that friday!

I use to Tell you everyday i loved you...
And you would say it back

I came to see i was in a dream..
And that u really never loved me!

I came to see you Lied and you cheated..
Even though u said you didnt :(

I use to think u were my Mr.Right
Now i see u were my Mr.Then

I use to think u loved me too..
But boy we know that was just a lie!

I use to think i could never get over you..
Like u were the best thing in my life...

I use to tell my friend‘s...
we were gonna get back together.

I use to dream about you almost everynight..
and my dreams were just so0 damn good!

i use to think all these things...
But now i see i was wrong..
See i learned along time ago
you can‘t make someone else happy if u aint happy ur self..
So...befor u go getting other girls cought up in ur bullshit
Take a min or two to FIND YOUR SELF!!!

Submitted On: 04/23/07
i want to say i will be ok
By: emma day , Australia Email Me

i want to tell you that i will be ok
but i dont think i going to be for when you left that day you riped my heart out and threw it away. you came into my life with no reason as to why you said that you would stay by my side.i hate the fact that u had me hooked on you for all you do is put me down i feel like your mat that u lay on the ground.
you said that you were my mate and always would be you told me you loved me and thats the way it should have been. but instead of treating me with respect you treated me like yor unwanted pet. all i wanted 2 do was hold you tight but i wasnt the one you wanted when you went out that night you left me a home in the dark you said that your were at a meeting i belived you you riped my heart out and dont even care now i be moving on without you there...

Submitted On: 04/20/07
By: Ariell Email Me

I'm tired of your game
And waiting for your call
Tired of wanting you to hear you say my name
I didn't mean anything to you at all
Tired of crying over you
And wishing you were near
Thinking "if you only knew"
How badly I wanted you here
Tired of missing you like this
Wanting you to feel the same
All day just thinking about your kiss
It drives me insane
I want you out of my head for good
I hate you're on my mind
I've been thinking about you more than I should
And I'm like this all the time
I wish I didn't cry over you
You were just another boy
I can't believe I would die for you
I was basically just a toy.
But whatever
I'm going to stop now.
They say I can do so much better
I think I can too. But all I'm asking is& how?

Submitted On: 04/15/07
I'm Over It
By: Ariell , WI Email Me

Yeah you hurt me
You broke my heart
You gave up on me
And watched me fall apart
Im starting to think you used me
But then again maybe not
I guess I saw things you didn't see
We were doing so well, we never even faught
But I guess thins aren't always as they seem
And maybe love doesn't exist
I'm not trying to be mean
And I admit, what I felt for you will be missed.
Our moments together were so perfect
And I know I will miss
The touch of your hand, and even just one kiss
Its just hard to believe it got wrecked.
But I guess it was what you needed
You just liked her more
And now I wish I didn't mean it
God, she's such a whore
I know I cant completely blame her
For the mistakes I guess I've made
And now you say you're not sure
Well sweetie, my feelings for you will fade
You use to make it seem like nothing could go wrong
And every thing was alright
But now I have to be strong
And my feelings I'll have to fight
So baby, after you messed me up
And crushed me down
I'll have to stand back up
And keep away that frown.
Don't take it personally
Its not you it's me
But I'm not waiting for you anymore
I'm over you sweetie

Submitted On: 04/15/07
You Thought
By: Ariell , WI Email Me

you thought you had me fooled
sorry babe, you‘re gonna get overruled
you thought I couldnt live without you
hun, i dont even wanna think about you
you thought you had me in the palm of your hand
yeah, i know i gave you my everything, and?
I‘m not waiting for you to make up your mind
sorry but im just not the kind
yes. i‘ll miss your kisses.
and i‘ll miss your face
i‘ll miss you holding me in your arms
and if you werent there i‘d call you just in case
i‘ll miss our late night phone calls
and holding your hand
i‘ll miss everything about you
but i‘ll have to get over it and,
you‘re probably thinking "yeah right, she‘s crazy"
that might be true.
but only for you baby.
i hate how i want you still
and you dont even care
you only like me a "little"
thats what you said after you promised you‘d always be there.
you promised you‘d love me forever
but forever‘s a long time hun
so as soon as that slut came along
you just knew you had to run
so now that i‘ve told you this
you know i would never do that to you
and i know you‘ll never find someone else like me
they usually never do
so i guess i just poured my heart out for you
and now i‘m taking it back
i‘m gonna stop wasting my time wishing
i‘m kinda over you
but i still think of you when i hear every slow song
and i cry sometimes just thinking about how you did me wrong.
and you thought i wouldnt ever be strong enough to move on.
but umm sweetie.
you thought wrong.

Submitted On: 04/15/07
By: Ariell , WI Email Me

why did you fall for him
why did you care
why did you miss him
when he wasnt there
why would you hurt yourself
just because he hurt you.
you know you‘re just making it worse
but then again you always do
why cant you just forget about him
keep him off your mind
he wasnt even worth it
you‘re wasting your time
I know you probably cant help
but cry when you hear his name
but you know that its not your fault dont you?
you shouldnt be taking all the blame
so just do your best to move on
and keep your heart protected
later on he‘ll want you back
and hes gonna be the one rejected.

Submitted On: 04/15/07
To my best friend
By: anita , CA Email Me

So we used to be the bestest of friends but now its so different cuz we barley talk.
he would be the one I laughed with
the one that made fun of me
the one who kept my secrets
the one who was there for me
the one who was my love and my lover and I was his hottie
the one that told me I was stupid for no reason lol and say jp
the one I would be able to call at 3am and he would answer
the one I love to death

but suddenly it all changed...............
we grew father apart
we got in a fight
we stopped talking
we became friends again
we talked but not as much
we only saw each other 2 time barley a day
we hung with different people
and suddenly I liked him but I knew it wouldn't happen even thought he had feeling to
and now were nothing we rarely say hi and i miss being best friends!
well if change is what he wanted then I turned out great.....but change was not what I wanted but I don't always get my way.
so since the best friends we used to be will never happen again cuz i can see.
u got a new love , lover, hottie,best friend in your life but I wanted to say I love u!
and ill never forget u babes!!!

Submitted On: 04/11/07
When it's been Enough
By: Kimberly Leahy , MO Email Me

Partner of mine

Where have you been?

You used to put me on cloud nine

And now this has come to an end

Away I had to go

Because of you who has no soul

You say you love me

But your eyes are full of deceit

Tired of the tears shed

Of a love that has been mislead

You haunt me wherever I go

I brave on a smile, but everyone knows it‘s for show

This heart has been tried and stayed true

Yet somehow, I never wanted to admit I knew

Feeling like a failure

Yet it was you who failed me

Your lies and empty kisses

No longer willing to be the Mrs.

This heart aches, it burns with pain

Given you second chances with nothing to gain

All your ignorance and harsh words

Loud enough for all to have heard

To this soul you have cast a deep hell

Feeling sick with anguish, not feeling that well

Picturing your lips and your body touching another

I think I just want to run you over and over

Am I not enough to fulfill you and your desires?

I guess of me you grew tired

You said you no longer wanted to be married

All your burdens I carried

Why did you take me for granted

All those times, "our love is true" we chanted

You‘ve abandoned your family, your soulmate

And all I can feel is hate, hate, hate!

How do you expect me to forgive you

When you cannot even forgive yourself

You‘ve fought for another chance to renew our life

All those times, granted it without so much of a fight

Then behind my back, you continued to spend my penny

To hear complaints, "he‘s had second chances too many"

I push it to a memory in the distance

Thinking our love will again be instant

How many times do you expect me to do this

Your lack of faithfullness and yet you insisted

How many more years are going to be wasted

Those among you are welling with hatred

I‘m not to be handled with force

Clearly I will show you the door

You lied to me time after time

Yet you beg another chance cause you don‘t have a dime

Your booze and your drugs make you aggressive

And me talking to people makes you utterly obsessive

You and your porn, I‘m not a toy

If you want one, go buy a playboy

You‘d rather devote your time to the screens

After months and months, I‘m ready to scream!

You‘ve pushed me around because you think you‘re tough

Believe me when I say, "I‘VE HAD ENOUGH!"

Your weakness

Only showed me my strength

I am going to say thank you

Because of what I‘m ready to do

On my own ground I will stand

With supporters beside me, walking hand in hand

No more of this will you put me through

It‘s my life and with it I will choose

I‘m a person with dignity and respect

And no more will I come second

So that, asshole, you can expect

Have you yet reckoned?

It‘s all about me now

Don‘t worry, you can still have your cow

High my head will be held

You in the distance, ringing like a bell

For everything that I‘ve given you

And all that you‘ve taken

I‘m all sold out

Clearly that‘s not mistaken

From the rooftops I shout

"Thanks for this unhappy life, I know I deserve better!"

Like the sun blasting through dark, cloudy weather

I‘m taking charge of my life so that I‘m happy

Gee, you must feel crappy

My life will be exciting and full

And yours sir, will be totally empty

I will thrive and achieve great things

Staying with you, your love will only sting

No more will you hurt me, make me cry

No longer will I try

No more will I be the fool

Your fake love that has been nothing but cruel

Like a scorned and battered wife

You I will cut from my life

You can go back to your whore

Unless, she too, has shut the door

By now you must know you need help

You know what else?

Phenomenal women like me

Why can‘t guys like you see

Women like me, we are strong and we are survivors

You‘re thinking, "For love, how can I re–vive her?"

You haven‘t really figured it out, gotten a clue

You‘re looking hopeful as I walk towards you

After everything in this marriage I‘ve tried

With a smile on my face, I boldly reach out and say "GOOD–BYE"

Submitted On: 04/09/07
there you go
By: james pickles , Australia Email Me

i know we had somthing special
but it has ended now
for the love we had it could be no more
u would pack your bags and leave
but in the end you would come back
but now i know
you aint coming home
you hav made me feel lower than a leaf on the ground
but through it all i think its a good thing
cause i will love another but you
you will always want me
but im not comin back to you all the times u left me
now i feel it is all glee
coz ive started over with a brand knew love
this girl is a angle from above
but i want you to know
there you go out of my life and for good
but its fine with me i gotten over you
i think you should do the same

Submitted On: 04/06/07
By: chelsea , TX Email Me

I know it is hard to let things go
But I can‘t keep looking at the past
I have to learn to forgive
Sure, maybe I can‘t forget the tears
And maybe I will still hurt when I remember you
But if I keep being angry and defensive
I can never move on to better things
Everyone has hurt someones feelings
And everyone has to go through the pain of being hurt
But if we all held on to that anger
We would never learn to be happy and enjoy our lives
I have learned to let it all go
And I am now happy and content
I am still standing tall and strong
I have moved on and now I am happy
And you can‘t hurt me anymore

Submitted On: 03/14/07

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