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Angry Poems

I HATE U!!!!!!!!!
By: g4l

I used to feel so much love for u
time flies by and i realize all ur lies
i can‘t believe how low u went
i thought u really loved me
but like my friends said it wasn‘t true
damn what i fool i was
now i may feel something for u
but it is all hate and pain
i am not sorry to say i hate u

Submitted On: 03/24/06
sTaY StrOnG 4 Us
By: SePy hAfEzIan , UK

Originaly Authored by: Sepy Hafezian

Not A Poem. The Hafezian family just wanted 2 pay its respects to Niaz, the best Uncle n friend in the world, your always telling us to stay positive and even when your gone we will. We all love you and hope god will find it in his heart to let you live, even though there is a chance. There is a boi currently trying to find the cure 4 cancer.Im praying he will hurry up before your gone.... love u 2222 much n alwayz will,even though whenver we see you you dont look 2 great... we know you r a strong person hang in there!!!

xxxxxxxxxxxxx written by sepy, from the Hafezianz

Submitted On: 03/23/06
By: DeAnna , IL

Originaly Authored by: Jenny Carr

I hate this world and it people too
but most of all i hate you
you played me for a fool
oh u though u were so cool
stop messing with peoples hearts
why cant u see the person u hurt the most was me
you fucked me over
do u know why
cuz u broke my heart and now i wanna die
what are u going to do when im dead
leave that slut u have now and go out with someone new insted
but i lost to her now im gone ‘‘
no one cared if i live on
so i take the knife the blood runs down
dead is the way i‘ll be found
and the horror in your face will please me alot
but what did i die for
did i die for the gay ass queer

Submitted On: 03/22/06
By: haylz -xcx- , UK

roses are red ash is black go to hell and never come back!!!

Submitted On: 03/21/06
I'm Lost_sorry ashley
By: Amanda Caez , CT Email Me

i am scared,
i am afraid‘
you have no idea, what happend today...
my life is turning on me, its going bizzare,
you have no idea, i cant take it too far...
my best friend‘s getting jealous, of my other close friend,
im getting mad cause she acting fake, my friends getting mad cause she feels like bate, i cant take it any more my life is shredding down i feel like im in a 10feet pool, and im about to drown! my life is going crazy, and it hurts me to say, i think i might leave my best friend, and go the other way, its not that i hate her, i love her its true, its just that some times she gets me too blue~ ashley, i dont know if your reading this, idont know if your scared, but ashley i am, i cant even bare... dotn blame this on alexandra cause she didnt pull me away you pushed me away and i have plenty to say. i cant get it out to you cause i love you too much thats why im writing this poem to tell you my luck, i like alexandra, hes my best friend you are not replaced but yet are a second of, you and her dont have to be best friends, but i know i am her best friend, and thats it shes not a hen. i was so mad when you told me you didnt like her, i felt like smacking you when you rolled your eyes at her but now i told her you dont like her, im sorry but its true, now when she goes off on you dont tell her your blue. dont start to act different dont start to change, but me and alexandra are best friends now, and i love her alot so dont start to go crazy or we‘ll take it to the block... me and you are till best friends lke i said we‘ll always be like i said i met someone new im really really sorry...

Submitted On: 03/17/06
them niggas
By: monique wiley , TX Email Me

all yall females know what them niggas do. dont know why she be trusting him and loving him when he probably coming home to you.i guess. but not all them niggas. some really are true. others get tired of one girl and find another to do. them niggas dont be keeping it real with us cause they scared. hell, aint our fault when they do us wrong they find another nigga in they bed. them niggas just funky and smelly,but always want somebody to put their head below his belly. you cant meet a real nigga on the spot cause the hoe–niggas get jealous and the real niggas get shot. them niggas listen to they friends and get caught up in the act. but knowing them ghetto girls that‘s smart,it aint going down like that.the real females dont go for that type of BS. cause if a nigga play us, we bout to flip it to a PS. if you think that nigga true,but later you get dogged. realize you was a stupid bitch for keeping your head up in the clouds. understand you cant meet a real nigga on the spot cause the hoe–niggas get jealous and the real niggas get shot.

Submitted On: 03/15/06
lie's i wrote
By: bobby joe from richwood , OH Email Me

Originaly Authored by: haley

dear who ever reads this,
have you ever had the most perfict guy thats just fits you, just can make you smile when your feeling sad
can make you feel so good when you feel so bad
and when your happy then he disapoints you
it just makes you so mad when he lie‘s to you
well thats the way i though i‘d feel wrought now
but i‘m just writting this feeling loney with out him
sitting in a liebarry thinking of him why so would ask i just
don‘t know all i can think about is why he didn‘t tell
me about what he was feel
but the hurt i‘m feeling now won‘t seem to go away
it well always be there
it well aways be here
how he lied
how i‘m in a plaece full of lie
no one can replace

Submitted On: 03/15/06
number 5
By: Fae Email Me

I locked myself in a room and threw away the key
i hid in the corner, closed my eyes and never opened them
but when i did it was because i heard you screaming
"i will find the key" you said
"even if i had to travel to the ends of the earth i will"
so you left i was put bak into despair
for i knew you will never find it
and i knew you would die trying
so i closed my eyes and let sorrow tke me over
this time when i awoke it was from hearing the key being put in the door
you walked through and ran to me
i was battered and beat
my hair was a mess
and my make up was stained down my face from tears
yet you looked at me and said i was beautiful
you‘ve always been there to pull me out of the darkest corners
and the most bottomless pits and i thought i knew why
you loved me
and you would never let anything get in the way of it
but then i opened my eyes a little more and realized
my love wasnt true and wasnt pure
it was just dirrty lies
put there to make me feel like im floating in the clouds
when really i was burning in this hell
and to this day i never knew the point of that
so as i fly
i fly oh so high
just because of you
i‘ve learned to fly
and i fly oh so high
and now i really do float on the clouds
and sleep on the moon
all because of you
they said murder is a sin
and sins cause you to go to hell
so suicide must have been a sin
so why am i up in heaven stuck as 13 forever.

Submitted On: 03/14/06
Life to Death
By: Melissa , NY

Im here in the corner with a knife to my neck
Nobody loves me or cares for me anymore
Im a waste of time there is nothing left to live for anymore
In this place we call life there is nothing left and my heart is breaking because u used me and left me here to die.
I'm cold and worthless and my used to be friends are not here with me anymore they have deserted me in this pit that I call my life , this mother fucken black hole that is my life, you said that u would never let me fall u said that I could feel secure in ur arms and that nothing in the world could ever make you stop caring for me you told me that nothing in this fucken up world would keep u from holding me till I fell asleep but you lied u lied to my face you let me fall into that black hole with a trap at the end u held me hostage u ripped my heart out and stomped and kicked it till I was dead, I thought I could trust u I thought by giving you a chance would make me stronger and more willing for change but I was wrong, you have changed my world so that all I see are tears you made go into this corner so that I could weep u stole a enemy from me and then took her by the hand and made those same promise and after you looked at me and spit in my eye and said that was yesterdays news but this woman is my future, u fucken scum bag of a person u stole my heart u stole my trust u stole my friends u stole my life u fucken stole my dignity making me feel so alone and worthless I wanted another shot I wanted to make this work this time but u don't want that anymore, so now I sit here in a corner crying my eyes an holding now a gun and a knife to my neck and head what am I to do now what should I do there is no one to save me from this place nobody to care or trust anymore u stole everything that I held dear u stole my life that I never thought could happen so now im faced with a decision only a choice that I can make should I live or should I die and never live again do I prosper over this forsaken place or do I die and make the darkness go away do I sit and think and tell my self that everything will be ok but I can't I won't and I have tried and failed nobody loves me in the way the u did nobody cares so ill put the knife down and ill count to 10 and when I pull this trigger ill finally be dead and then you will laugh and then regret everything u held dear and regret what u did to make me die a horrible death.

Submitted On: 03/12/06
By: Brandi Email Me

Originaly Authored by: Fuck if i no

Pimpette of the year playeretteof the season your man left u n im the reasonso watch ur backand make some roombecause this lil bitch is coming through

Submitted On: 03/11/06
Fucked up
By: Savanna , CO

i hate you you hate me we a fucked up family with a great big punch from me to you wont you say i hate you to

Submitted On: 03/11/06
By: rosemary lanzillotti , NH

there has been a death upon us
as may of you already know
this young teenager
lies 6 feet below
depression is what took her
her tears her heart ache and her pain
the doctors tried to save her
but the razor cut her vain
lying there profusly bleeding
she utters her last words
sorry it ended like this
thanks for making my world

Submitted On: 03/10/06
By: Courtney , AZ Email Me

You thought I would believe you when you told me you were true
I let you take advantage of me like the other in my past
All along you didnt have a single clue
That I‘m not as dumb as you think, and I caught onto your game fast

I knew you would tell me what I wanted to hear
And I believed you would change my life
Never once did I shed a tear
When I realized you were fake, and started to think twice

You lied to me, and I refuse to forgive you
You inspired me to revitalize myself instead of cower
I‘m a soldier, and my emotions are no longer black and blue
I just have you to thank for my knowledge, strength, and power.
Courtney Barton

Submitted On: 03/09/06
To tony my cuzin startin Trouble With My Best Friend
By: Amanda Caez , CT Email Me

i love tony, i love hom alot but all of a sudden thingz get too hot. he starts actin fucked up with MY best friend, he start callin her a white bitch, a skinny 1, and hen. well, tony yea you helped me yes i thank you, but pleaze dont start shit with my best friend boo... she helped me through everthing she helped me through bo–shit, she gave me her shoulder so i can cry in it. all them problems i had with all these bitches ashley was there to help me get through it. leave ashley alone let her in peace, ashley is mad at you and your mad at her you dont have to like her she dont have to like you aright den just stop all this cryin. i know you were scared i know it is true. crystal had your baby and you wanted to ask her to marry you; TONY! you only 14 take your time you like a hand–made machine; all im sayin is ashley my girl, i love her too much, leave her the fuck alone or IM gonna whoop your butt!

Submitted On: 03/08/06
To jenixa My X best friend
By: Amanda Caez , CT Email Me

you were supposed to be my bestfriend, you were supposed to have my back, we were supposed to stick together and dats a known fact! you were supposed to love me like i lovED you, you were supposed to be there 4 me when i was blue. but then all of a sudden things begin to change; (my best friend gets pregnant?) and the whole damn school finds out, i think to myself_i have to sticj with her, she wudve been there 4 me... am i right jenixa? will you have been there 4 u best friend puti? clara gets in da picture so do mari and ashley; me and you start to spllit up and go our seperate ways i ound ashley me and her are tight, you found clara is she your best friend or your follower? jenixa i no you and you no me aint nobody could have a tighter relationship then what we had. you no u cant say nothin‘ cuz me & you were best friends like nobody cud be. you got eveyone against me everyone actin fake, you got ppl to call me a hoe, a bitch, a slut, and a skank. i cant believe you jenixa, i cant believe what you did, i cant believe after all that we been through i still dont have the heart to forgive_i no you and you no me i no thats how it is, well jenixa all i have to say is: i guess im better off without you, and all the drama you put me through. but also i want you to no that i no in my heart that i no in yours theres a place 4 u where i can store. i will always be your best friend the question is WILL U BE MINE?

Submitted On: 03/07/06
By: Samantha Miller , PA Email Me

All u people are here saying he broken my heart, my parents...
Well theres more to life. Some girl just got shot over sex. My best friend is pregnet. u people need to wake the fuck one is perfect not evan perps. Wooh u just got a boyfriend well all they do is hurt you and cheat a lie. well a u bitches need to wake the fuck up. open ur fucken eyes there more then sex, friends, parents and boyfriend. I learnd that when my bestfriend got killed. all thoughs he was the best thing in the world well it turned out he lied he drank and he did drugs. and i realy cared about him. untill one morring i woke up and my mom said sorrey but seans dead. That made me open my eyes. What is it going to take you to open ur eyes? i did drugs drank and sleep with many guys but Seans death showed me more SO OPEN UR EYE and see the real world. And stop while u can.

<> Sammy

Submitted On: 03/06/06
You're a Whore
By: Ariell , WI

you're a whore
we all know its true
but ill kyk your ass
next tyme ya try to fuck wit my boo
ya betta watch ya back
i will come afta you
plus i got things that u lack
i got class too
dont be jealous
that im faithful to ma man
and stop tryin to steal him
you stupid whore damn

Submitted On: 03/06/06
To Shai! You dumb mutha fucka
By: Ashley Marie Kranmas Velazquez , CT

You broke my heart and me cry but now I‘m fucking with another guy. You try to piss me off by doing dumb shit but I‘m not the one with the little ass dick. You think you tough, you think you bad but who‘s the bitch that had your back? I fought your battles like a man cuz u was the one who just got up and ran. Your my bitch you‘ll always be so stop acting bad you little ass baby.

Submitted On: 03/05/06
To Javi! my stupid ass Playa X
By: Amanda C. Email Me

Roses are dead, violets are too, im still in love, but not with you. you thought u played me and made me cry, but i was in love with another guy, simply because u have no class, all u can do is kiss my ass. you sit around and talk your shit, so fuck you and your lil ass dick! you thought u left me but i left you, what my mans doing you cant do! you tell ur homies dat u layed me like a bitch, i tell my girls you got a lil ass dick,. you said you loved me and it wasnt true, well guess what muthafucka? i played you too!!!!!!!

Submitted On: 03/04/06
By: Afeera

When we first met you talked about her and I would picture how she looked,I thought she was over your life but, you met with her last night and when I got mad you said there was nothing I should worry about. Now I sit here and wonder if she looks better than me, you say you dont care about her somehow I believe you but, why do you mistake my name with hers.You bring me joy and yet pain, whenever im alone I question myself if I should let you go, but when im with you I finally realize that I need you more than me.

Submitted On: 03/03/06

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